MOSAIC Student Artist Program

BSC Student Artists work with Juan Carlos Escobedo


Blue Star Contemporary’s MOSAIC Student Artist Program is open to high school students who are interested in developing their professional artistic skills and careers in the arts. The after-school program is a combination of studio practice and exposure to the business side of art and arts administration. An extension of BSC’s educational programs, BSC is committed to giving MOSAIC students free access to quality arts education, encouraging high standards of achievement, and fostering excellence and leadership.

MOSAIC Visiting Artists mentor students in a diverse range of art mediums in an intensive, independent study format. The MOSAIC Student Art Gallery features student exhibitions, drawing hundreds of visitors and adds to San Antonio’s vibrant and rich visual culture. Students participate in BSC’s programs and have access to visiting artists.

100% of MOSAIC’s students have graduated high school and our concentration on college readiness prepares them for careers in the arts, sharing in San Antonio’s cultural economy and continuing BSC’s mission to inspire the creative genius in us all by nurturing artists through contemporary art.


BSC is currently recruiting students to participate in the MOSAIC Student Artist Program. This program is free and open to high school students upon successful application and portfolio review. In-person and virtual options are available.

To apply, download the application.

For more information contact MOSAIC Coordinator Aminah Parham:


September – October 2022

Leather and Gemstone Collage: The Abstract Landscape with Visiting Artist, Rose “Two Feathers” Hernandez

Students will explore the concept of native healing art as they create an abstract landscape by experimenting with leather, beads, gemstones and other found materials.

Rose “Two Feathers” Hernandez is a native of Texas, from Mescalero Apache (Aztec) and Mestiza lineages. She has been an entrepreneur and accomplished artist since 1988 and a  practitioner in the healing arts for over 36 years. 

 Rose’s grandmother began molding her artistic gift by the time she was four and Rose continued to study art throughout high school. She pursued the arts in higher education at a private college in Portland and University of Arizona in Tucson. 

Rose began teaching in the healing arts and native craft in 2005. Her work has since been showcased in craft fairs and events in Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, and Texas.

Acknowledged as a Keeper of the Rock for her Mayan Clan, Rose’s passion is sharing  knowledge for the empowerment of others.

Visit Rose “2 Feathers” Hernandez on Instagram @rose2featherscreations


Appropriate Appropriately: Current Events and Everyday Life with Visiting Artist, Alain Gakwaya

Students will explore appropriation while experimenting with found materials. They will produce paintings expressing their thoughts towards current events and everyday life. 

Alain Gakwaya was born in the beautiful country of Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. His love for art began when he was in 3rd grade. His teacher asked him to draw for his entire class. Her belief in his vision, even as a young boy, inspired him to create.

After moving to the US when he was 16, Alain’s passion for art continued to grow and evolve. He attended University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue a bachelors of art with a focus in painting. Today, he uses acrylics and found material to tell his story and the stories of his home, Rwanda. Alain’s pieces are inspired by everyday life, women walking to market, children playing in the street and the lush, rolling hills. For him, art is an emotional expression. It allows him to connect with himself and with others. When Alain is not painting, you can find him outside: biking, hiking and exploring our amazing world. 

Visit Alain Gakwaya at

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