Please Form A Straight Line

Main Gallery

November 6, 2020 – May 2, 2021

Please Form a Straight Line is a group exhibition including works by Jamal Cyrus, Maggie Evans, Benjamin Jones, Yuge Zhou, Frances Lightbound, Mark Menjivar, Jingjing Lin, and Jorge Villarreal. This timely, diverse, and innovative exhibition explores themes of collectivity, the municipal, property, architecture, and the control and regulation of bodies. These themes intersect where they prompt viewers to consider how society, physically and existentially, is designed. The exhibition acts as a mirror to our current realities and a vehicle to process these experiences. The title calls to mind a range of occurrences, from lining up in primary school, to waiting at the DMV, to more recently 6-foot safety zones and concepts around orderly or acceptable protest. The works suggest the social contracts we subscribe to and builds a conversation around civic and social roles as individuals belonging to a whole. Through this multifaceted group of artists, I bring together a range of global perspectives on these intersecting subjects, with artworks spanning a range of media pushing the boundaries of material histories. Lastly, underpinning the exhibition is the presence of the grid, a significant and prevailing structure to both the history of cities and the history of art. The grid can be considered abstractly, illustrating ideas of order, pattern, and control.

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