Megan Harrison : From Your Brow Rise Leaf and Lyre

Megan Harrison, Sleeping 1, Ink and watercolor on paper, 15” x 10” 2021

Megan Harrison : From Your Brow Rise Leaf and Lyre
March 4- May 29, 2022
Gallery 4

Megan Harrison’s newest body of works includes a series of mixed media paintings based on intimate, personal, moments, and observations. The work reflects on her experiences following her return from Berlin as an awardee of BSC’s Berlin Residency Program and throughout the pandemic, namely the shrinking of her world down to the immediate family unit. The paintings draw aesthetic influence and build upon a foundation inspired by Greek epic poetry, altarpieces, and medieval tableau to address themes of mortality, loss, tragedy, the universality of human emotions, destruction, and preservation. The paintings find kinship with precious objects which function only for brief moments, like those processed in mass or used ritualistically.

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