Del Corazon

Del Corazon

December 4, 2014 – February 15, 2015
Gallery 4

Featuring Joe Lopez & Curated by Bill FitzGibbons


Focusing on Chicano culture, Dia De Los Muertos and Gallos as subject matter in my work, I seek to evoke emotional compassion for the Chicano working class. I am best known for “El Gallo” paintings, a subject I am fascinated with as a symbol of strength, beauty, and fighting spirit in Chicano culture.

I call my work Chicano Barrio Art, with emphasis on Barrio (neighborhood). Growing up I experienced both the good and bad of life but prefer to paint the positive and beautiful side of my culture. I take pride in depicting Mexican American culture and representing the experiences of many others with a similar upbringing.


Joe Lopez focuses on painting scenes of everyday life; children at play, street vendors young and old, people doing simple things. He portrays intimate scenes sparked by simple ideas. Growing up in San Antonio, Lopez’s childhood was intricately tied to his neighborhood. Named after boxer Joe Louis, Lopez was born with only one hand and what others may call a disability has continuously inspired the artist to utilize his talent. His paintings reveal these experiences. The viewer sees the “story” behind the faces, often playful or peaceful, but never in despair. His respect for life shines through his work. Lopez has been a practicing artist for more than thirty years and has shown work nationally.

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