Ghostly Demarcations

  • 2019 CAM Perennial
  • On View March 1 – May 5, 2019

Featuring artists Animales de Poder, Kim Bauer, Therese Bauer, Audrey LeGalley, Ingrid Leyva, Amada Miller, Barbara Miñarro, and Katie Pell.


Curated by Kevin Burns, the upcoming CAM Perennial, Ghostly Demarcations, features the work of eight El Paso/Juárez and San Antonio artists who investigate structures and origins, be they societal, cosmological, familial, or personally constructed through memory and experience. Using various media, these artists simultaneously construct conceptual frameworks, address their tenuousness, and critique and upend them.


Animales de Poder​, an El Paso / Juárez-based artist collective, critiques cultural and societal structures of power through multimedia, research-based installations.
Kim Bauer​’s abstracted intaglio and relief prints of scaffolding, construction materials, found objects, and track-like patterns explore form-making and natural cycles of building, destroying, and rebuilding.
Therese Bauer​’s drawings and collages investigate fragility and delicacy, objectivity and subjectivity, and incorporate revision, erasure, and reassembled images.
Audrey LeGalley​ addresses heritage and domesticity, conveying familial anxiety and fragility through the medium of ceramics.
Ingrid Leyva ​studies the complexity of the El Paso / Juárez border region—its duality, divisiveness, tenuousness, and permeability—through diptych photographs of empty rooms and sparsely inhabited streets.
Amada Miller​ explores the origins of life at a simultaneously cosmological and intimately human level using elemental media such as sound and water.
Barbara Miñarro​, using ceramics, found material, and human hair, explores familial heritage and tradition, simultaneously critiquing and embracing its influence.
Katie Pell​, through recent and never-before-exhibited works, explores narrative structure, composition, and dynamics of hierarchy.


Blue Star Contemporary is pleased to partner with Contemporary Art Month (CAM) to present the 2019 CAM Perennial, featuring an exchange between San Antonio and the City of El Paso, Texas. The curator for 2019 is Kevin Burns, Curatorial and Education Associate at the  El Paso Museum of Art. At the EPMA, he works within the education and curatorial departments to develop exhibitions and educational programming that reflect the artwork on view. Most recently, Kevin completed graduate work at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) where he received his master’s degree in art history with a focus on modern American abstract art. The final exhibition title, artist list, and curatorial/exhibition statement TBD.


Every March, during Contemporary Art Month (CAM), San Antonio artists, performers and curators present the best our community has to offer at galleries, museums, performing arts spaces, schools, artist studios and various unconventional locations around the city.

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